About me

Hello! My name is Dalibor Tomic. I am a pencil artis/illustrator and this is my portfolio.


Born and raised in a small country in Alps, Slovenija. Art has not played a significant role in my life until 2009 when I realized what my true passion is. I am a prolific artist with experience as an Artist and Illustrator. In my current role as a Freelance Illustrator I work with clients to determine their needs develop a mock sketch for review and then create a finished product; these illustrations are used for various purposes including advertising books and personal artwork. Not only am I a skilled Illustrator but my communication skills and intuitive nature allow me to give customers what they want in their drawings. I have been praised often clients for my fine work and for the emotion and movement my drawings evoke.
Drawing is as much a challenge as it is a relaxation for me, for with every new drawing I want to create something more beautiful and complete.

I am self thought and have not taken any classes and I strive to produce realistically looking drawings and cool illustrations. Curently living and working in Graz Austria.